Radiology & Imageology


Aditya Hospitals Radiology Department serves as the cornerstone of our comprehensive healthcare services, complementing the skills of our medical professionals and enhancing the diagnostic capabilities across various departments. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our latest spiral CT Scanner, featuring 3D reconstruction, stands as a testament to our commitment to precision and patient safety.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Spiral CT Scanner: Our Radiology Department is equipped with the latest spiral CT Scanner featuring 3D reconstruction capabilities. This cutting-edge technology allows surgeons to visualize and plan surgeries with exceptional detail. Moreover, it reduces scan time significantly, minimizing patient exposure to radiation while providing highly accurate diagnostic images.

  2. Multifaceted Imaging Facilities: In addition to the spiral CT Scanner, our department offers a comprehensive range of imaging modalities. This includes Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, and X-ray units, ensuring that we can cater to a diverse array of diagnostic needs. Our multifaceted approach enables us to provide comprehensive diagnostic services with precision and efficiency.


CT Whole Abdomen: This procedure offers a thorough imaging examination of the entire abdominal region, providing detailed insights into abdominal conditions for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

CT Upper and Lower Abdomen: Focused scans on the upper and lower abdominal areas enable precise diagnosis and targeted treatment strategies for conditions affecting these regions.

CT Temporal Bones: Dedicated imaging procedures for assessing temporal bone conditions aid in the diagnosis of ear-related disorders, ensuring comprehensive evaluation and management.

CT Neck & Shoulders: Detailed scans of the neck and shoulder areas provide valuable diagnostic information for identifying and addressing conditions affecting these anatomical regions.

CT Pelvis: Specialized pelvic imaging allows for in-depth evaluation and diagnosis of pelvic conditions, including disorders of the reproductive and urinary systems.

CT Orbits: Precise scans of the orbital region aid in the assessment of eye-related conditions and surrounding structures, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

CT PNS (Paranasal Sinuses): Imaging procedures focused on the paranasal sinuses offer comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of sinus-related issues, guiding appropriate management strategies.

Ultrasound Whole Abdomen: Non-invasive ultrasound imaging of the entire abdominal area assists in diagnosing various abdominal pathologies, providing a comprehensive view for accurate assessment.

Ultrasound Carotid: Targeted ultrasound imaging of the carotid arteries helps evaluate vascular health and detect potential issues related to blood flow in the neck region.

Ultrasound Thyroid: Tailored ultrasound procedures for the thyroid gland offer detailed evaluation and diagnosis of thyroid disorders, guiding appropriate treatment plans.

Ultrasound Fetal Scan: Specialized ultrasound scans during pregnancy ensure optimal care for both the mother and the developing fetus, facilitating early detection of any fetal abnormalities or concerns.

At Aditya Hospitals, we prioritize precision and patient well-being in our Radiology Department. Our advanced imaging technologies and diverse range of procedures empower our medical professionals to provide accurate diagnoses, facilitating effective treatment plans. Patients can trust Aditya Hospitals to deliver exceptional radiological services, where technology, expertise, and patient care converge for superior healthcare outcomes.