Trauma & Orthopaedics

Trauma & Orthopaedics

Dr. Veer Abhishek Goud

Dr. Abhilash Bonagiri

Aditya Hospitals Emergency and Trauma Wing operates 24/7, equipped with a fully functional Minor Operation Theatre to address any critical situation promptly. Our dedicated team of experienced doctors, well-trained nurses, and qualified emergency medical technicians ensures round-the-clock availability to deliver immediate and efficient emergency care. Supported by a 24-hour diagnostic facility, the wing accepts and treats Medico-Legal Cases (MLC) at the Causality Wing, providing acute care in our specialized units.

Key Features:

  • Round-the-Clock Emergency Care: The Emergency and Trauma Wing operates 24/7, ensuring immediate response to emergencies. A team of skilled healthcare professionals is available at all times to handle critical situations promptly and effectively.

  • Dedicated Emergency Number: Aditya Hospitals provides a dedicated emergency number (040-39111333 for Abids and 040-33855555 for Uppal) for prompt assistance. This facilitates quick communication and coordination during emergency calls, ensuring timely intervention.

  • Equipped Ambulance Fleet: A fleet of ambulances, fully equipped with life-saving equipment such as monitors and ventilators, supports the emergency services. Wireless communication systems in ambulances enable prior intimation to the hospital, and emergency physicians can provide instructions to medical technicians through this system, ensuring seamless coordination during transit.

  • Premier Trauma Care Center: Aditya Hospitals is renowned as a premier center for trauma care, attracting patients from various locations. The round-the-clock availability of consultants specializing in trauma cases ensures that patients receive comprehensive and specialized care tailored to their needs.

  • Comprehensive Emergency Support: The Emergency Department is complemented by a 24-hour blood bank, laboratory, and diagnostic services, facilitating swift and accurate assessments. Critical patients are stabilized before being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or the operation theater, ensuring continuity of care.

  • Training Programs: All staff in the Emergency and Trauma Wing undergo periodic training programs to enhance their skills in handling trauma and critical patients. These programs ensure that the emergency medical staff are well-prepared and competent to manage a wide range of emergencies effectively.

  • Minor Surgery and Endoscopy Facilities: The department is equipped with two theaters dedicated to minor surgery and endoscopy procedures, providing comprehensive emergency services under one roof.

  • Observation and Trauma Ward: The department includes dedicated observation beds, Casualty Centre Beds, and a trauma ward, ensuring the capacity for immediate patient care and monitoring in a specialized environment.

  • Cardiac Ambulance Service: A fully equipped cardiac ambulance service operates 24/7, staffed with a dedicated team comprising a doctor, nurse, and paramedic. This service ensures a swift response to cardiac emergencies, with specialized care delivered en route to the hospital, optimizing patient outcomes.

Aditya Hospitals Emergency and Trauma Wing exemplifies a commitment to delivering prompt, specialized, and comprehensive emergency care. The integration of advanced facilities, a skilled healthcare team, and specialized training programs positions us as a reliable center for handling diverse medical emergencies and trauma cases.